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Men Without Women

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Hommes sans femmes

Men Without Women

(Muzhchiny bez zhenshchin)

by Algimantas Vidugiris



Hommes sans femmes

Director: Algimantas Vidugiris

Script: Algimantas Vidugiris, I. Akimov

Cinematographer: M. Moussaev

Sound: A. Akhmadeev

Settings: O. Baroubaev

Music: Chandov Kalloch

Cast: S. Tchomorov, D. Kambaraova, S. Skoropis, V. Jolobov, V. Makeev

Production: Kirghizfilm

Arkéion Films
24 rue du Docteur Bauer
93400 Saint Ouen
Tel : 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1981

35 mm, Colour, 77 min, 
OV Russian with French Subtitles

As a result of an earthquake in the mountains of Kirgizstan, a hightension cable got destroyed. Several densely populated areas are left without electricity. Industrial life stops, patients in hospital are in danger. A team of engineers try to reach the spot at once, facing great dangers with frequent mudslides. The difficult conditions and the danger threatening these rescuers allow them to better understand each other. They talk of their families, their wives and children, what is essential in their lives. When they finally reach the place of power failure, the team of brave engineers successfully completes the task they were entrusted with.


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