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Briser le silence

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Plus fort que le silence

Breaking the Silence

(Piao liang ma ma)

by Zhou Sun



Plus fort que le silence

Director: Zhou Sun

Script: Zhou Sun, Heng Liu, Xiaoli Shao

Cinematographer: Yue Lü

Editor: Nancy Muqing, Ru Zhai

Sound: Jun Chao

Music: Jiping Zhao

Cast: Gong Li, Gao Xin, Shi Jingming, Guan Yue, Yue Xiuqing

Production: Guangdong Sanjiu Film

Pyramide Distribution
5 rue du chevalier de St George
75008 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2000

35 mm, Colour, 90 min, 
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles

Gong Li - Montreal Film Festival: Best Actress

From the moment she wakes up till late evening, whenever she walks or travels in the metro, Sun Liying relentlessly asks her son Zhang Da to repeat her words. Sun Liying got married and gave birth to an only child, as most of Chinese women. Because her son was deaf, her husband left her and asked for divorce. Sun Liying is convinced that with time, patience and energy she will manage to teach Zheng da how to speak clearly so that he may be admitted to a school and join the other children on the play ground. Sun Liying leaves her job which is too demanding in order to spend all her time with her son. She takes him everywhere along with her, while she delivers newspapers or does domestic cleaning work. Her only aim is to make her son become a boy like any other one. How can she alone face problems, support herself as well as her son, and bear people’s glance? Actress Gong Li plays the role of a courageous mother of a single-parent family who fights so that her disabled child may do well for himself.


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