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Tuya's Marriage

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Le Mariage de Tuya

Tuya's Marriage

(Tuya de hun shi)

by Wang Quan'an



Le Mariage de Tuya

Director: Wang Quan'an

Script: Wang Quan'an, Lu Wei

Cinematographer: Lutz Reitemeier

Editor: Wang Quan'an

Sound: Peng Jiang

Settings: Wei Tao

Cast: Yu Nan, Ba'ter, Sen'ge, Bao'lier, Zhaya

Production: Yan Jugand, YuanHanyuan, Wang Le

Pretty Pictures
100 rue de la Folie Méricourt
75011 Paris
Tel: 0033

Year: 2007

35 mm, Colour, 92 min, 
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles

Golden Bear - Berlin Film Festival 2007

In the heart of Chinese Mongolia, the conditions of living are becoming more and more difficult, particularly due to the industrial expansion. The government forces the shepherds to abandon their nomadic life and settle as peasants nearby the cities. Tuya refuses to abandon her native land, she has a hard life with her disabled husband, their two children and a flock of hundred sheep. This beautiful and strong Mongolian woman is worn-out by her exhausting work. Her husband Barter tries to convince her to divorce, but she refuses. When she finally falls ill, she considers divorcing if she can find a new husband who would look after Barter, the two children and the flock. A stream of sui tors starts… For Tuya, the most important is to save her home and to achieve that she is ready to all sacrifices: divorce and remarry in order to sustain her first family. With his film, both a comedy and a drama, Wang Quan’An wants to show “the real life of real people”. He decided to make this film to “leave a trace of their way of life before it disappears forever.”


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