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Wang Liang's Ideal

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Wang Liang's Ideal

Wang Liang's Ideal

(Wang Liang de li xiang)

de Gao Xiongjie



Wang Liang's Ideal

Director: Gao Xiongjie

Script: Gao Xiongjie

Cinematography: Guo Jia

Editor: Li Fang

Sound: Xiong Yi

Music: Tong Zhao Ji

Cast: Fang Ye, Tang Hui Hua, Yu Chang Liu, Hu Yi Bo

Beijing sea - original Film & TV Culture Co. Ltd.
1 22-03 Oulujingdian No
172 Beiyuan Rd
Chaoyang District Beijing
100101 China
Tel: +86.135.0121.3647
Fax: +86.10.8485.3593

Year: 2010

HDCAM, Colour, 119 min, 
OV Mandarin with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles

European Premiere

Liang, a butcher, marries a young wife, Qiao, by paying her family’s debt. However, Qiao refuses to have sex with him with an excuse of preparing her college entrance exam. After she fails the exam, Liang expects to start a normal family life with her, but she runs away to the city. Liang goes to the city, deter mined to bring her home. “Wang Liang’s Ideal” is a story about dreadful obsession. As much is Liang is determined to take back his wife, Qiao becomes even more determined to leave him and the life he wanted for them both behind. Unpredictably falling into tragic end, the struggle between the two becomes a tragic social critique to the Chinese modern life, which now is classified with the academic and economic status. For that reason, even though the story follows Liang’s journey of finding his wife, it portrays more the city life of Ciao, which is full of clashes with the modern city life. She was the victim of Liang’s Ideal, also a victim of the cruel reality.


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