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Where are you going?

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Where are you going ?

Where are you going?


by Park Chur-woong

South Korea


Where are you going ?

Director: Park Chur-woong

Script: Park Chur-woong

Cinematographer: Je Chang-gyu

Editor: Moon In-dae

Sound: Lee Soon-sung, Lee Sung-jin

Music: Kim Joon-sung

Cast: Jo Han-sun, Kim Gab-soo, Fueki Yuko, Kang San, Seo Min-woo

Cine Line Production
1F, 1626-8 Seocho-dong
Seoul 137-878
South Korea

Year: 2009

35 mm, Colour, 110 min, 
OK Korean with English Subtitles.
French Electronic Subtitles 

Grand Prix Fukuoka Film Festival 2010

European Premiere

Sam- nam is a 9-year-old –boy living with his senile grandmother, his handyman father, his kindly mute sister Cho-rong and his elder brothers Il-nam and E-nam. They live in a slum next to a luxury tower looking like a palace. Sam-nam’s musical talents are recognized by his teacher who encourages him. As the neighborhood is swept by the fever of redevelopment, his father entrusts the deed to his house to Sang-chul, a member of the neighborhood committee in order to secure the money needed for the grandmother’s operation. However, Sang-chul runs away with the resident’s deeds and Sam-nam’s family is about to be thrown out into the streets. "This is a story about the residents of the slum surrounded by the richest area in Korea. There are more than four thousands families and their lives are miserable. As a director I tried to describe the people who don’t give up their dream and love for their family even though reality doesn’t go the way they want because these are every thing for the people in the slums". Park Chur-woong.


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