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by Rusudan Pirveli




Director: Rusudan Pirveli

Script: Giorgi Chalauri

Cinematographer: Mirian Shengelaia, Irakli Geleishvili

Editor: Rusudan Pirveli, Zviad Alkhanaidze

Sound: Madona Tevzadze

Cast: Avtandil Tetradze, L. Lordkipanidze, Giorgi Gogishvili, E. Kobakhidze

Production: Caucasian Filmodrom

Year: 2010

35 mm, Colour, 78 min, 
OV Georgian with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles


Susa is a 12-year-old-boy and like any other boy, he likes to play games and to collect pieces of stained colorful glass. But his daily life consists of working at the illegal vodka distillery, where his job consists of delivering the vodka bottles to consumers in small cafes and little booths, a prostitute here and a drunkard there. He has to give a part of his income to street criminals and tries to stay away from the policemen. One day his mother tells him that his father is arriving in few days, after a long absence. Hoping his father which is still unknown to him will take them away, Susa starts a new life immediately and makes efforts to say goodbye to his old life. Hope and expectations can make you stronger, but when reality des troys a twelve-year-old-boy‘s illusions, he grows fast.


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