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The Experience

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The Experience


by Abbas Kiarostami


Focus on iranian cinema


Director: Abbas Kiarostami

Scritpwriter: A. Kiarostami after A. Naderi's novel

Cinematographer: A. R. Zarindast

Editor: Rajayan

Sound: Harayer


Cast: H.Y Mohamadi, Parviz Naderi

Production: Kanun

Nasrine Médard de Chardon
14 chemin des chichourliers
06110 Le Canet
Tel. Fax.: 0033 4 93 38 75 61

Year: 1973

Screening: 2001

35 mm, Black & White, 60 min, OV Farsi with French Subtitles

Fourteen-year old Mamad is a thin boy, most probably an orphan, whose childhood must have been tough. He does all kinds o fjobs at a photographer's where he also sleeps. One day he meets a bourgeois girl living at the other side ofthe city. At the very moment their eyes meet, he falls in love with her. He now divides his life between the shop and his long journeys crossing the noisy and dangerous city to station himself in front of the young girl's house. He decides to borrow his boss's suit and shoes, hoping he will go to work for the girl's parents. In the evening he is given the abrupt answer: it is not possible. He is shattered, his dreams heve been broken.


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