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A Promise

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A Promise


by Yoshida Kiju




Director: Yoshida Kiju

Scriptwriter: Yoshida Kiju, Fukiko Miyauchi after Shuichi Sae's novel Rohjuku Kazoku 

Cinematographer: Yoshihiro Yamazaki

Editor: Akira Suzuki

Art Setting: Yoshie Kikukawa 

Sound: Toshio Nakano

Music: Haruomi Hosono

Cast: Rentaro Mikuni, Shachiko Murashe, Choichiro Kawarazaki 

Seiyu-Kinema Tokyo
(Kiyoshi Fujimoto, Kazunobu Yamaguchi)

Sepia Production
5 passage du piver
75000 - Paris 
Tel.: 0033 148078061
Fax.: 0033 148072982

Year: 1986

35 mm, Colour, 105 min, OV Japanese with French Subtitles.

An elderly lady is found dead in her son's home, where she lived with her husband. The police investigation rapidly unearths a snake-pit of family and domestic guilt. Everyone, the son, the daughter-in-law and the husband could have had a personal reason to get rid of the senile and burdensome woman. Unless she herself  had chosen suicide. Is euthanasia a crime or is it just a choice of man destined to die?


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