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Mokarrameh, Memories and Dreams

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Mokarrameh, et soudain elle peint

Mokarrameh, Memories and Dreams

by Ebrahim Mokhtari



Mokarrameh, et soudain elle peint

Director: Ebrahim Mokhtari

Scriptwriter: Ebrahim Mokhtari

Cinematographer: R. Djallali, M. Poursamad


Sound: M. Dehnavi



Play Film
E. Mokhtari
14, rue Moulin Joly
75011 Paris
Tel.: 0033 149230879
Fax.: 0033 140218844
mail: playfilm@playfilm.fr


Year: 1999

Betacam SP, Colour, 48 min, OV Farsi with English Subtitles.

Awarded in Vic le Comte, Clermont-Ferrand, San Francisco and Zanzibar

A woman had a great love for her cow. In order to feed her, she used to collect grass from a very far place, which was quite tiring. One day, one of her children decides to sell the cow without telling her. The woman is overwhelmed with deep sadness and she starts pain­ting to overcome her pain. Tirelessly, she paints on everything, on the walls of her house, on pumpkins... Today is her son's monthly visit. He brings her paper and paint. The.films reveals how Mokarrameh's imaginative world merges with reality. All her drawings tell a story: her own life, her husband's concubines, the village women's daily lives, and their work.


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