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The Little Buns of the people

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Les petits pains du peuple

The Little Buns of the people

by Renaud Cohen



Les petits pains du peuple

Director: Renaud Cohen

Scriptwriter: Renaud Cohen

Cinematographer: P. Milon

Editor: C. Chagnaud

Sound: O. Mauvezin, S. Thiébaut



Gloria Films
65 rue Montmartre
75 002 Paris
Tel.: 0033 142214211
Fax.: 0033 142214331

Doc & Co

Year: 1999

Betacam SP, Colour, 52 min, OV Mandarin with French subtitles.

These popular taxis, casting one yuan per kilometre, are called "bread rails" because of their round shape. Tianjin, an industrial city about 120 kilometres away from Beijing, has its streets swarming with at least 30,000 of them. With its new economical policy, China had to close down government factories. Many unemployed workers borrowed money to buy a "bread roll". These drivers are unusual and charismatic people whose glances reveal the geographical features of a modern Chinese city, both fascinating and complex. Their taxis are also the perfect form of transportation to discover the social issues in today's Chinese urban society.


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