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by Ahmad Ramezanzadeh




Director: Ahmad Ramezanzadeh

Screenwirter: Linda Moshref, Ahmad Ramezanzadeh

Cinematographer: Shahram Deihimi



Music: Khalil Alinejad

Cast: Shokralli Azadi, Morteza Karimi, H. Torabian, F. Ghoreishi, Ali Firouzi, Issa Rezayie

Production: Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Channel

Boomerang Productions
20 rue de la glacière
75013 Paris
Tel: 0033 1 43 36 95
Fax: 0033 1 47 07 50 12

Year: 1997

35 mm, Colour, 65 min,  OV Farsi with French subtitles


Bashir, a 12 years old boy, lives with his mother in a fishermen village, in the south of Iran on the Persian Gulf. Fishing and smuggling are the sole activities of the place. Yet, the boy does not want to become a fisherman like his father who died by drow­ning. One day, as Bashir is being chased by a policeman, he meets an unknown man, a Kurdish tenbûr player. He is stunned. He wants this instrument by ail means, ready to buy it or rent it. He eventually borrows it against a few coins and takes it to his hut while his owner is asleep. By mishandling it, he breaks it. The for­mer Kurdish soldier, a gas victim from the war in Iraq, agrees to teach the child how to play the tenbûr and buys a new instrument for him. He requests him to stop smuggling. For Bashir, nothing matters more than his consuming  passion for music.



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