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Iranian Ninja

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Iranian Ninja


by Marjan Riahi



Iranian Ninja

Director: Marjan Riahi

Assistant: Marzieh Riahi

Cinema.: Mahnaz Mohammadi

Edit.: Esmael Monsef

Sound: Ali Alavi

Production: Marjan Rahi, Documentary and Experimental Film Center

Contact : 
Marjan Rahi
Phone: + 98 2133 87 13

Year: 2014

HD, Color, 30 min,
arsi with French subtitles

French Premiere

Kathereh Jalilzadeh was the first Ninja woman in Iran. She coaches a new generation of young women. The Ninjas do this sport in the forest, jumping behind trees with choreographic movements revealing the beauty as well as the discipline of this martial art. While some sportive women get their family support, others must struggle to overcome the prejudices of a patriarchal society. This martial art becomes a metaphor for the fight of these women who mobilize their spirit to enjoy the freedom it procures. 
This is the debut feature film of Marjan Riahi who was a member of the NETPAC jury at FICA in 2010.


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