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Earth and Ashes

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Terre et cendres

Earth and Ashes


by Atiq Rahimi



Terre et cendres

Director: Atiq Rahimi

Script: K. Partovi, Atiq RAhimi after his own epnoymous novel

Cinematographer: Eric Guichard

Editor: Ursula Lesiak

Sound: André Rigaut, Selim Azzazi, Bruno Tarrière

Music: Khaled Arman, Francesco Russo

Setings: J.L. Le Floch

Cast: Abdul Ghani, Jawan Mard, Homayoun, Walli Tallosh, G. Chahverdi, Kader Arefi, Mirza Hussein, Shir Agha, Azim

Production: Les Films du Lendemain, Afghan Film

Bodega Films
9 Passage de la Boule Blanche
75012 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2004

35 mm, Colour, 105 min, 
OV Farsi with French Subtitles

Cannes Film Festival 2004

Dastaguir is sitting on the road side with his grand son Yassin. All around him is the desolation of Afghan landscape : a half destroyed bridge, down is a dried up river, in the distance the arid mountains and a dusty path leading far away to the horizon line. This path is the way to a mine, the dreadful and yet final destination for Dastaguir. He reluctantly undertook this trip to meet his son, the father of the boy, who works in the mine. He has to inform him that their village has been bombed and their whole family killed. It is a heavy task for the old man torn between his own grief and unbearable loneliness, and the code of honour so deeply rooted in the Afghan mind. On his way, he meets unknown people : a grumpy watchman in his sentry box, a merchant philosopher, a mysterious woman under her veils and other victims of this unspeakable war still going on, off screen...

" Earth and Ashes " is the adaptation of A. Rahimi’s eponymous novel. It is a fable about the devastating loss, the redemption and perseverance of the human mind facing war atrocities. To be born and live in a country at war.


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