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Keep Smiling

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Keep Smiling


by Rusudan Chkonia 




Director: Rusudan Chkonia

Screenplay: Rusudan Chkonia

Cinematographer: Konstantine Mindia Esadze

Editor: Jean-Pierre Bloc, Rusudan Chkonia, Levan Kukhashvili

Sound: Paata Godziashvili 

Cast.: Ia Sukhitashvili, Gia Roinishvili, Olga Babluani, Tamuna Bukhnikashvili, Nana Shonia, Shorena Begashvili, Maka Chichua, Lela Metreveli, La Ninidze 

Ex Nihilo
Dist. ZED
9 rue des prairies
75020 PARIS
Tel: 0033 1 53 09 96 96 

Year: 2011

DCP, colour, 91 min
OV Georgian with French subtitles



In Tbilisi, the Georgian television organizes a contest for ‘Best Mother of the Year’. The winner will be awarded an apartment and 25 000 dollars. Ten mothers will confront each other and do their best to have a chance of getting a better life. No holds barred; the only rule is to keep smiling.
“In this film we see women fighting, loving and being strong; they dream of a brighter future. They make mistakes, forgive, and try to get things change. They are able to feel solidarity. “Keep Smiling” is a satirical portrayal of the Georgian society. Today Georgia is facing a very interesting phase. We live at a transitional time: while a country continues to advocate values it holds dear, the mentality and ways of thinking are evolving. Yet, such changes are formal, superficial and unconscious. It is therefore a difficult process, somehow a bit puzzling…
My aim was to depict the controversy and distress of this transitional time in Georgia… After this film I was rather seen as a feminist.” Rusudan Chkonia

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