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The Forsaken Land

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La Terre abandonnée

The Forsaken Land

(Sulanga enu pinisa)

by Vimukthi Jayasundara

Sri Lanka


La Terre abandonnée

Director: Vimukthi Jayasundara

Screenplay: Vimukthi Jayasundara

Cinematographer: C. Deshapriya

Editor: G. Rapp-Meichler

Sound: A. Crespo-Ocampo, F. Desmoulins, N. Naegelen

Music: Nadeeka Guruge

Cast: Mahendra Perera, K. Fernando, N. Jayawardena, H. Liyanage, S. Liyanage, P.S. Peiris

Production: Unlimited, Les Films de l'étranger, Onoma, Arte France Cinéma,

3B Productions
10 Passage des Taillandiers
75011 Paris
Tel: 0033 1 43 13 10 60
Fax: 0033 1 43 13 10 66

Year: 2005

35 mm, Colour, 108 min, 
OV Singhalese with French subtitles

Caméra d'Or - Cannes Film Festival 2005

On a land in between peace and war, in a strange and uncertain ambiance, people are physically attracted, murderers are wasted by guilt, soldiers wear themselves out with inept maneuvers and legends reappear. Only childhood remains innocent in this land abandoned by gods. The director‘s narration is not a classical story with action and twists and turns of the plot; he rather uses a language like a poem where images replace words. The landscape itself is a character. "If the film has anything to do with the history of my country, it is mainly by showing the insecurity feeling of being at the same time without war and without peace, of being in-between. It is this strange atmosphere I wanted to chose… With this film I wanted to closely look at the emotional isolation in a world where war, peace or God have become abstract notions." V. Jayasundara


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