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Endless Road

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Endless Road


by Jin Huaqing



Endless Road

Director: Jin Huaqing

Cinema.: Lu Jian

Edit.: Shi Xinjie

Sound: Tang Ning

Production: Jin Huaqing, Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd.

Contact : 
Jin Huaqing
Phone: +13586097871

Year: 2014

HD, Color, 42 min,
andarin Chinese
with English & French Subtitles

International Premiere

Yan’s mother does not listen to her daughter’s advices. Even after being manhandled at several occasions, she continues to draw up reports about pollution cases caused by a paper mill in her village. Yan is really worried about her mother and fears the whole family might suffer from her doings. In spring 2014, Yan’s mother circulates again petitions and brings them to the city. This determined and brave woman’s long struggle for environment is an endless path.


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