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Sweet Bean

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Les Délices de Tokyo

Sweet Bean


by Kawase Naomi



Les Délices de Tokyo

Director: Kawase Naomi

Screenplay: Kawase Naomi

Cinematographer: Akiyama Shigeki

Editor: Tina Baz

Sound: Eiji Mori,
Roman Dymny,
Boris Chapelle

Music: David Hadjadj

Cast: Kiki Kirin,
Nagase Masatoshi,
Uchida Kyara,
Mizuno Miki,
Takeuchi Miu

Production: An Film partners

Haut et Court Distribution
38 rue des martyrs
75 009 Paris
Tel: 0033 1 53 31 27 27 

Year: 2014

DCP, Color, 113 min, OV Japanese with French subtitles



Dorayaki is a type of traditional Japanese confection, which consists of two small pancake-like patties wrapped around a filling of sweet Azuki red bean paste, “An”.
70 years old Tokue tries to convince Dorayaki-seller Sentaro to employ her. Her unique talent of making the pastries appeals very quickly to the many customers…
The story of Sweet Bean takes principally place in Tokyo. Despite the urban environment, the flourishing trees enhance the nature’s protective power. Food is another good virtue and becomes central to the movie. Naomi Kawase quotes: “A recipe can change a person’s life. Eating can ease a person’s mind and it makes me happy. Nobody gets ever angry while having good food.” Kawase Naomi





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