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Chie the Brat

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Chie the Brat


by Takahata Isao



Director: Takahata Isao 

Screnplay: Shiroyama Noboru,
Takahata Isao

Cinematographer: Takahashi Hirokata

Animation: Otsuka Yasuo,
Kotabe Yoïchi

Sound: Kato Toshi

Music: Hoshi Katsu

Voice Cast: Nakayama Chinatsu,
Nishikawa Norio,
Nishikawa Kiyoshi,
Yokayama Masushi,
Shimada Shinske,
Matsumoto Ryusuke

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Year: 1981

35 mm, Color, 105 min, OV Japanese with French subtitles 


Young Chie lives in a popular district of Osaka. She tries desperately to run the familial tavern together with her grand-parents and her cheeky cat, all the while she is also taking care of her immature and unemployed good-for-nothing father. Despite her strong character, autonomous Chie has only one dream: to lead a normal family life.
Chie the Brat is an adaptation of Etsumi Haruki’s eponymous manga series. Third long feature by Isao Takahata, the movie gives a rare political, economic and social insight of Japanese society and evolution of the 1980s.
Don’t hesitate to take a coffee break to dig in this movie, as sweet as honey, as warm as toast and who gives you plenty food for thought!



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