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by Abolfazl Jalili




Director: Abolfazl Jalili

Screenplay: Abolfazl Jalili

Cinematographer: Mohammad, Ahmadi

Editing: Abolfazl Jalili

Sound: Hassan Zarfam

Cast: Kaeem Alizadeh, Rahmatollah Ebrahimi, 
Hossein Hashemian, Ahmad Mahdavi

Production: Office Kitano, Bandai Visual, T-Mark, Film-e-Aval

Tamasa Distribution
5 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris
Tel: 0033 1 43 59 01 01

Year: 2001

35 mm, Color, 96 mn, OV Farsi with French subtitles

Golden Montgolfière
Nantes 3 Continents Festival 2001
Don Quixote Award
Locarno 2001

Fourteen-year-old Afghan boy Kaïm succeeds to cross the border between Afghanistan and Iran. A few kilometers away he finds shelter in place called “Delbaran”, where old Khan and his wife Khale have a truck stop. One can hear the sound of war just behind the massive mountain range. Isolated on the road side, the place is busy with all kinds of people, mainly truck drivers, small merchants and opium smokers.
The old couple welcomes Kaïm as a son. He goes shopping for them, help them in the kitchen, takes Khale to the doctor. However, patrol officer Mahadevi often stops at old Khan’s place to look for illegal Afghan immigrants. He finally discovers the identity of young refugee. The countryside becomes a hiding place.


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