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Summer Days with Coo

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Un été avec Coo

Summer Days with Coo

(Kappa no coo nasuyasumi)

by Hara Keiichi




Un été avec Coo

Director: Hara Keiichi

Original story: Kogure Masao

Screenplay: Hara Keiichi

Cinematographer: Yanai Koichi

Colorist: Nonaka Sachiko

Music: Wakakusa Kei

Cast.: Tomizawa Kazato, Yokokawa T., Tanaka Naoki, Nishida Naomi, Matsumoto T., Nagira Kenichi

Production: Shin-Ei Animation

22 rue Lafayette
75009 Paris
Tel: 0033-
Fax: 0033-

Year: 2007

Screening: 2013

35 mm, Color, 136 min, 
OV Japanese with French subtitles

Koîchi, a young pupil in his fourth year of primary education, discovers a strange stone in a dried up riverbed and brings it back home. When he decides to wash his precious trophy, a strange animal comes out. What a surprise! This is a kappa, a water spirit, an important figure in the Japanese folklore. Koîchi’s family decides to name this kappa ‘Coo’ and to take care of it. But the rumor about Coo goes around and it soon becomes the main topic in the city. Concerned not to bother Koîchi’s family, Coo decides to leave. This is the beginning of Coo’s adventures in search of other kappa…
« A fragrance of grass, sun rays through the branches of a tree, your best friend and a blazing sky which make you feel like crying. This eternal, simple and powerful theme of ‘a young boy spending an unforgettable summer day” is perfectly shaped by Keiichi Hara. I cannot help feeling jealous for this pure marvel!” Hosoda Mamoru
“It does not matter if you are surrounded by enemies in this world, as long as you have a single person who understands you. » Hara Keiichi


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