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Our Century

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Notre siècle

Notre siècle

(Nach vek)

by Artavazd Pelechian



Notre siècle

Director: Artavazd Pelechian

Cinematographer: O. Savin, L. Porossian, R. Voronov

Editing: Aida Galstian

Sound: O. Polissonov

Production: Studio Erevan

Films sans Frontières
70 Bd Sebastopol
75003 Paris
Tel: 0033-
Fax: 0033-

Year: 1982

DVD, B & W, 50 min

A meditation about the conquest of space, the series of launching leading nowhere, Icarus’ dream encapsulated by the Russians and the Americans, the cosmonauts’ distorted faces by acceleration, the imminent catastrophe… Pelechian carries out the launching into orbit of a disoriented body, caught in the turbulent matter. There, nothing human remains; it is no more man in the cosmos but the cosmos in man.


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