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Le Triangle



by Henrik Malian



Le Triangle

Director: Henrik Malian

Screenplay: Aghassi Aïvazian

Cinematographer: Sergueï Israelian

Editing: V. Haykazyan

Sound: Z. Muradbekian

Music: Edouard Baghdassarian

Cast: Armen Djigarkhanian, Frounze Mekertitchian, Sos Sarkissian, Pavel Arsionov, Zourab Laparidze, Micha Hovsepian, Ina Alabina

Production: Armenfilm

Arkeion Films
24, rue du Docteur Bauer
93400 Saint-Ouen
Tel: 0033-
Fax: 0033-

Year: 1967

35 mm, B & W, 85 min, 
OV Armenian French subtitles


In a forge shaped as a dark triangle, five fellow blacksmiths work in peace. Young Hovik, the foreman’s son who learns violin at the music school, brings some lightness in this working atmosphere. The five workers are very fond of him. One day, an extraordinary event occurs breaking their calm and peaceful life. Mko, one of them, introduces a young beautiful sweet woman named Ljuba. The friends first feel ill at ease in front of this ‘feminine intrusion’, but soon encourage the two lovers to get married and live in the forge. The war starts and the little city changes fast. Mko and Ljuba go and fight in the war. Hovik grows up.
In this very beautiful black and white film, Henrik Malian enables us to share ordinary people’s ordinary life and succeeds in making them become close to us.


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