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Taiwanese Puppets

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Taiwan et ses marionettes

Taiwanese Puppets

by Jean-Robert Thomann

Taiwan, France


Taiwan et ses marionettes

Director: Jean-Robert Thomann

Cinematographer: J.R. Thomann

Editing: J.R. Thomann

Sound: Charles Dewees

Acrobates Films
49, rue des Poissonniers
75018 Paris
Tel : 0033-

Year: 2011

Beta num, Color, 52 min, 
OV Mandarin and Taiwanese with English and French electronic subtitles.

World Premiere 

With over 150 years of tradition, Taiwan puppets went through many transformations and are today a kaleidoscope filled with local flavors. On the island one may find together the traditional glove puppets and the modernized puppets in the style of ‘Golden Ray’. One may also find marionettes which are part of the Taoist rituals, whereas companies try to create a puppet theatre anchored to its time.


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