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Don't Think I've Forgotten : Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll

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Don't Think I've Forgotten

Don't Think I've Forgotten : Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll

by John Pirozzi



Don't Think I've Forgotten

Director: John Pirozzi

Cinematographer: John Pirozzi

Editing: Daniel Littlewood,
Greg White

Sound: Evan Benjamin

Music: Scott Blackwell Stafford

Production: John Pirozzi,
Andrew Pope

Contact: Cat and Docs
18 rue Quincampoix

Year: 2014

Blu ray, Color, 105 min,
v.o. English and Khmer,
with English Subtitles
and Electronic Subtitles

European Premiere

During Vietnam War in the 60's and early 70's, a new music scene emerged in Cambodia, mixing traditional Khmer music with various rock music styles sweeping across America and England. The movement has been brutally stopped, when Khmer Rouge took over the country on April 17th 1975. The few surviving artists trace back Cambodia’s incredible rock and roll story along the country’s troubled political times.


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