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The Story of Mabuti

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The Story of Mabuti

The Story of Mabuti

(Ang kwento ni mabuti)

by Mes de Guzman



The Story of Mabuti

Diector: Mes de Guzman

Screenplay: Mes de Guzman

Cinematographer: Albert Banzon

Editing: Abbas Tabas

Sound: Jasper Valencia, Mon Ching

Music: Alma Deo Music

Cast.: Nora Aunor, Arnold Reyes, Mara Lopez, Sue Prado, Trinity Aragon, Saffron Ventura, Kathlyn Luarez

Production: Cinelarga Productions, Rhea O de Guzman

Year: 2013

DCP, Color, 100 min, 
OV Filippino with English and French electronic subtitles

European Premiere

Best Picture Festival CineFilipino 2013

With kind support of French embassy in Manila

Mabuti leads a simple life with her old mother and her four grandchildren, in her little farm in the mountains. Despite hard living conditions she feels happy. She cures and relieves the people bitten by a dog or a snake. Her daughter Lucia left her three daughters in her care, and went to work in town. Her son Ompong also works far from her, and also left his daughter Mabuti in her care. While she travels by bus to the city, she meets a young woman with whom she gets on well at once. On her way back home, the young woman puts a bag full of notes in Mabuti’s bag while she is asleep. The mysterious young woman is murdered. This small fortune makes Mabuti deeply unhappy, and forces her to make a difficult choice.


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