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Trial of difference

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L'Epreuve de la différence

Trial of Difference

(Thang da nguoc ngan)

by Lê Hong Chuong



L'Epreuve de la différence

Director: Lê Hong Chuong

Screenplay: Do Doan Hoang, Lê Thai Hoa

Cinematographer: Hoang Ngoc Dung

Editing: Phan Minh Huong

Sound: Lê Huy Hoa, Nguyen Bich Lien

Production: Vietnamese National Documentary and Scientific Films Company

Year: 2003

35 mm, Color, 21 min, 
OV Vietnamese with French subtitles


The film is inspired by letters from school teacher Luong Thi Mui from Pha day hamlet in the Nghe An province, a totally remote place. The young woman is attached to the children who feel the same about her, despite the harsh life of the villagers who did not get a chance to access the education they want to give to their children.


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