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Quick Change

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Quick Change

Quick Change

by Eduardo Roy Jr



Quick Change

Director: Eduardo Roy Jr

Screenplay : Eduardo Roy Jr

Cinematographer: Dan Villegas

Editing: Fiona Borres

Sound: Michael Idioma

Music: Teresa Barroso

Cast.: Mimi Juareza, Jun-Jun Quitana, Miggs Cuaderno, Francine Garcia, Natashia Yumi, Filipe Martinez, Rolando Inocencio, Sashi Giggle

Production: Ferdinand D. Lapuz
Ignatius Films
191 San Joaqin Street
San Angelo Subdivision
Angeles City 2009
GSM: +63 917 551 1434

Year: 2013

DCP, Color, 98 min, 
OV tagalog with English and French electronic subtitles

French Premiere

Panorama - Berlin 2014

Dorina is a middle aged transsexual working for the illegal trade of plastic surgery. She represents a mother figure for her eight-year-old nephew Hero. She behaves as a devoted wife with Uno. Between her work and her family, Dorina is convinced to be a happy woman, until the day Uno falls in love with another transsexual.
In Quick Change, Eduardo Roy Jr depicts with great sensibility these men who have wanted to become other than what they were at birth, and who only yearn for a happy life. He denounces above all the illegal trafficking of cosmetics, especially of collagen injections so popular among transsexuals, women and even men of modest origins, who do not have the means to go to clinics supposedly safe. The heroin is both guilty and a victim of this unscrupulous trade, which can engender death.


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