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Summer's End

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Summer's end

Summer's End

de Kumakiri Kazuyoshi



Summer's end

Réalisateur : Kumakiri Kazuyoshi

Screenplay: Ujita Takashi, based upon Setouchi Jakucho's book Summer's End

Cinematographer: Kondo Riyuto

Music: Jim O'Rourke

Cast.: Mitsushima Hikari, Kobayashi Kaoru, Ayana Go

Production: The Klockworx Co., Ltd
Japan 2-19-7 Ebisu minami,
Tokyo 150-0022
Tel: +81 3 5720 7791
Fax: +81 3 5720 7792
Mail: kikuchi@klockworx.com

Year: 2013

DCP, Color, 114 min, 
OV Japanese with English and French electronic subtitles

Busan International Film Festival 2013

European Premiere

In Tokyo, in the sixties, Shingo, a married writer, has been keeping Tomoko as his mistress for eight continuous years. Shingo spends half of the week with Tomoko, and comes back home to stay with his wife and children for the rest of the week. Tomoko never asked him to divorce, and, until the visit of her former lover Ryota, she felt satisfied with her life. Years ago, Tomoko had abandoned her husband and daughter because of Ryota, and his reappearance starts to undermine the foundations of her relationship with writer Shingo.
Kumakiri Kazuyoshi has taken up the challenge of adapting the semi-autobiographical best seller written by Setuchi Jakucho, a successful woman writer who became a nun, in 1963. He manages to recreate the ambiance of the years 1950-60 in Japan, and, in his own way, pays a tribute to the great figures of post-war Japanese cinema.


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