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At the Horizon

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A l'Horizon

At the Horizon


by Anysay Keola



A l'Horizon

Director: Anysay Keola

Screenplay: Anysay Keola

Cinematographer: KM Lo, Thanavorakit Khounthawatphinyo

Editing: Thanaphone Noichuchuen, Anysay Keola

Sound: Dimitri Kuhlmann, Zoe Bornot

Music: Volachit Intharaphitak

Cast: Khounkham Sidthiyom, Khamhou Phanludeth, Vatsana Sayoudom

Production: Xaisongkham Induangchanthy, Anysay Keola, Vannaphone Sitthirath

Contact: Lao New Wave
Cinema Productions
150 Unit 14 Ban Sivilay,
Xaithani District
Vientiane, Lao PDR.
Mail :

Year: 2012

Blu ray, Color, 101 min, v.o.laotian, with electronic subtitles

European Premiere

Sin, a spoiled rich young man wakes up tied and locked up in a dark room. He has no clue how he ended up in the place and what might be the reason for his kidnapping. Appears, Lud, a poor mute, who seems to hold a big grudge towards Sin. The terrible truth is finally revealed during a mental game between the two men. The very first Lao film noir with a strong social content, FICA Vesoul screens as a non-censured director’s cut version.

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