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by Kim Ki-duk

South Korea



Director: Kim Ki-duk

Screenplay: Kim Ki-duk

Cinematographer: Sun Sang-jae

Editing: Kim Ki-duk

Sound: Song Je-yin

Music: Park Ji, Park Ji-woong

Cast.: Han Yeo-reum, Kwak Je-min, Lee Eol

Production: Bae Jeong-min, Kim Dong-ju, Kim Ki-duk

Le Pacte
5 rue Darcet
75017 Paris
Tel: 0033-
Fax: 0033-

Year: 2004

35 mm, Color, 95 min, 
VO South-Korean with French subtitles

Yeo-Jin, not yet twenty years old, lives with her father, a widower. She helps her friend Jae-Young in a rather special way: Jae-Young works as a prostitute while Yeo-Jin selects the clients and makes sure the business has a good functioning, against her better judgment. One day, Jae-Young falls in love with a client and invites him for a diner for three. Upset by the excessive intimacy, Yeo-Jin gets angry and cancels the rendezvous. Soon after, Yeo-Jin makes a mistake with fatal consequences. She is on the outlook as usual when Jae-Young enters a motel with a man. But this time, Yeo-Jin did not notice the presence of police men tracking down minor prostitutes.
Kim Ki-duk was awarded the silver Bear of best director for Samaria at Berlin in 2004.
“The violence seen in my films depicts a part of Korean society’s reality. I do not invent anything. Most of my scripts are inspired by my own experience.” Kim Ki-duk


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