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On the Fringe of society

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On the Fringe of Society

On the fringe of society

(Prachachon nok)

by Manop Udomdej



On the Fringe of Society

Director: Manop Udomdej

Screenplay: Manop Udomdej

Cinematographer: Ponniti Wiriyasiri

Editing: Surapong Pinljca

Sound: Nivat sumneangsanor

Cast: Apai Chaihankwa, Nivad Kanthairad, Pachon Komonwak, Champa Wongsila

Production: Catholic Council of Thailand for Development

With the kind support of Catholic Council of Thailand for Development and Thai Film Archive

Year: 1981

Digital copy from restored original print, Color, 96 mn, OV Thai with English subtitles & French electronic subtitles


Kongpaeng leaves his poverty-stricken agricultural village for Bangkok. Lost in the big city, he flits between menial jobs. Meanwhile his wife barely survives on the money he sends home. Change is afoot however; the villagers begin to organize themselves against the corrupted officials who are keeping them in the poverty trap. Meanwhile Koenpaeng in the big city can also feel the wind of change…

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