Madame Freedom

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Une Femme libre

Madame Freedom

(Ja-yu bu-in)

by Han Hyung-mo

South Korea


Une Femme libre

Director: Han Hyung-mo

Screenplay: Kim Seong-min, Lee Cheong-gi
Based on Jeong Bee-seok’s popular serial novel Madame Freedom

Cinematographer: Lee Seong-hwi

Editing: Han Hyung-mo

Sound: Lee Keong-sun

Music: Kim Yong-hwan

Cast: Park Am, Kim Jeong-rim, No Gyeong-hui, Joo Sun-tae, Kim Dong-won, Go Hyang-mi, Yang Mi-yeong, An Na-yeong, Go Seon-ae

Production: Bang Dae-hun

Year: 1956

35 mm, B&W, 125 mn, OV Korean with French subtitles.


With support of KOFA & the Korean Cultural Center of Paris

Oh Seon-Yeong accepts a job as a cosmetics store manager to supplement her husband's small income as a professor. Their next door neighbor frequently professes his attraction to her, and she allows him to teach her dancing and introduce her to alcohol. Her boss' husband also begins a flirtation with her which escalates to the point of being found by his wife as they are about to consummate their “dating.” Meanwhile, Madam Oh’s husband faces a strong attraction to a pretty woman in a grammar class he teaches for secretaries... 

During its release, Jeong Bi-seok's popular serial novel Madame Freedom has been considered “the most controversial film in Korean cinematic history, which made sensational waves throughout postliberation society by portraying the transgressive sexuality of a college professor's wife and her advancement into the public.

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